Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Connecting with De La Cour family

Stan and I just returned home from a great one-week visit to the North East. We visited friends on the North Fork of Long Island for a couple of days. Over the weekend we enjoyed time with ministry partners in the Providence, RI area and were grateful to share about our work with SIM USA at Darlington Congregational Church in both small group settings as well as in Sunday School and church.

On Sunday afternoon we drove to Cape Cod to spend a few days with Stan's brother, Ed and his wife, Marian. It is so rare that we have been together--if I worked at it, I probably could count the number of times our two families have actually been together in the years we've been married. Living in two different countries and when in the US, on opposite sides of the country has made it a bit challenging for us to connect as we would like.

Ed is soon to retire from full-time ministry, and we had some good conversations exploring what that might look and feel like for them over dinner last night. We are a few years away from that transition, but have recently done some reading on preparing for retirement, finishing well, encore careers, and such. It is good to begin asking the questions and anticipating decisions that need to be made heading to that season.

I also had fun getting to know our first grand nephew a little bit.  The only photo I have of him from our visit is this one, taken as we took a selfie on our way out the door this morning. Stan happened to be up there when this little man was born a couple of years ago, but this was my first time to meet him. Just a few minutes before this photo, we were able to Facetime with our oldest daughter and her little man--the cousins hadn't seen one another for years, and we got to show off our grandson, too!

We are a small "clan" spread far apart so we are thankful for technology and opportunities to tag personal visits onto other trips.

And...its good to be home.