Monday, November 24, 2014

Our final day in the UK

We have enjoyed our trip to the UK. All last week I was at a SIM International Personnel Workshop, but we have loved being able to visit our family here in the London area. Tomorrow we fly out, and so today we headed to Oxford for a sight-seeing trip.  Our son-in-law attended the Wycliffe College at Oxford and so was able to give us a first-hand tour of the area.

We stopped for lunch at the pub where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien and the Inkling writers group met regularly.  We walked around a bit and then climbed the bell tower at the University Church where we could get a panorama of the area.

While up there we were able to get a great photo of the three of us above Oxford.

We were able to stop for coffee and get this little guy out of his pram for a while after our walk around.

Finally, we took off back to the car--our kids walking hand in hand, and us strolling the grandson. What a time of grace it has been for us to visit with these three. We will miss them, but are sure that this little man will now recognize us when we talk to him via Facetime.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Love this grandparenting-in-person time!

We have had a wonderful time with our UK family the past week. We came here because I (Faith) have an International Personnel Conference with SIM staff from around the world at the SIM UK office. But since I was going to be in the neighborhood... I couldn't come without bringing the grandpa and staying some extra days.

Sunday was the day our grandson was dedicated to the Lord in the Anglican church where his daddy serves as assistant vicar. At the end of the morning, he was a little overwhelmed by people, but we were glad to get photos with him.

Later in the afternoon, after a nap, he was all smiles at a party held in his honor.  Its been great to see our daughter with her son. She is a wonderful mom.

Before the day was over, we made sure to get together with the other grandparents for a commemorative photograph.  What a delight to be able to have shared in this time in-person!

Sunday, November 09, 2014

One way to mark the partnership between Asian Access and SIM USA

In the courtyard between the Worship and Training Center and the building where my office has moved are six posts with signs pointing to the various countries where SIM USA missionaries are serving.  Not all countries have a sign, but many of them do. New missionaries like to get their photo taken next to the sign of the country where they anticipate moving. Those of us working here are reminded of how God has called our people to serve in many countries (now about 60) around the world.

Front Row:  Mary Jo Wilson, Asian Access (A2) VP for Japan, Stan & Faith (A2 for 30+years, now with SIM USA), Dorrie Takazawa, A2 Director of Training, Bob Hay, SIM USA Recruitment Coordinator, Life Coach and former missionary to Japan.      Back: Eric Ernst, SIM USA' s Personnel Director

The strategic partnership between Asian Access and SIM USA was initiated nearly three years ago, the missionaries serving in Japan shifted to being SIM USA missionaries on the personnel rolls, and little by little these folks are coming through Charlotte to meet their new family. Several times people have asked us where the Japan sign was.  Mary Jo Wilson, the Asian Access VP for Japan, came to Charlotte for meetings here in October.  Also in Charlotte at the same time was Dorrie Takazawa, who is serving as the Asian Access Director of Training. Anticipating their visit, we arranged for the sign to be made and presented to them in person.

Mary Jo was then able to actually attach it to the sign post.  She mentioned when she saw the number of miles from Charlotte to Japan (thanks to google, of course) that it is also nearly the same number of churches currently in Japan.  We hope to see many, many new missionaries get their photos next to the Japan sign in the years to come. Please pray with us that God will raise up more people to serve Him in that country!

Saturday, November 08, 2014

A Place Set Apart

The SIM Member Care department is enjoying our new office suite. We took over some offices in what used to be living rooms in the "Lodge." The space was remodeled extensively and designed to give our missionaries a place of peace as they come to meet with our staff.

We moved into this new set of offices in early September, and are gradually feeling settled here.  A few weeks ago the door was repainted and recently the sign was put up.

As you can see in the reflection in the windows, the south-facing debriefing rooms have a lovely view of major green space on our Charlotte campus.  While my office doesn't face this, my view will be cherry blossoms in April!

Saturday, November 01, 2014

You're Worthy of our Praise

Our SIM byline is "By Prayer" and we open each work day with a time of worship and prayer.  We cover prayer for our missionaries, our donors,  the countries that SIM missionaries are sent from and the countries where SIM missionaries are serving. 

Once in a while Stan gets to lead this at our Charlotte office.  If you know him, you are aware of how much he enjoys this.  This week he led Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was delightful to walk into chapel and hear this ensemble of musicians leading us in "You're Worthy of our Praise."

Are you interested in joining us in prayer?  Please click this link to go to SIM's prayer reminders.

Here is another link to a SIM USA Daily Prayer Guide