Monday, July 01, 2013

Thoughts on moving after day 1

Day 1 of moving is coming to an end. We are sitting in a clean, well furnished missionary guest apartment, and are feeling refreshed after a shower.  We have stayed at this place both coming and going on several home assignments, and it feels comfortable physically and emotionally right now.  Plus, it has chairs.  Yesterday Stan sold the chair right out from under me... (its okay, we were hoping to sell them.)

We have been preparing for these two days of movers coming for some time now.  Last evening I went around to our neighbors to explain that we had moving trucks and a crane coming so they could get their vehicles out before the road was blocked.  Our consultant at the moving company had said there would be three trucks today. In reality there was only one that stayed the whole day, and the crane...

If you've followed our blog for more than three years, you know that when we moved in we had to rent a crane to get our refrigerator, dish cabinet and sofa up to the living room (which is on the second floor) thanks to a narrow stairway with tight turns. So of course, to get it out we needed to rent one to reverse the process. The crane truck belongs to  a piano mover (there were two upright pianos on the truck). It was as amazing to watch things come out as it was to watch them go in.

The moving company had three packer/movers. One was a 73 year old guy, who was as strong as the other two (if not stronger). Each one took a floor and started packing. My job over the past two weeks has been to clear out as much of what wasn't supposed to be packed as possible, so that they could do their job and we weren't sorting while they were packing. Sometimes I've thought it would be easier to pack it ourselves, but they do an excellent job, and I've done a lot of work getting ready for them. (Plus we can't get insurance for things that we pack...)

At their lunch break I went down and took a picture of the room where we had all our photo albums, some files and lots of other sentimental family items. This is what it looked like. I can tell you that I would not have been able to get this together in three hours...

This was the view from my kitchen toward the living room at lunch time.

This was the view at 3 p.m., after they had cleared out today's boxes. They will be back tomorrow at 9 a.m. and finish the packing. I'm guessing they'll be out before 3. They've completely cleared out two rooms, and have a little in three others.

If we were just leaving for a year, this would probably be a little easier...but since we won't be moving back, we have to liquidate all our furniture, and lots of very useful things. I've spent quite a bit of time the past two weeks posting things on Tokyo's Craigslist, as well as Facebook.  

We even had an "open house" on Saturday.  Some things have gone, and we are most grateful. But we're having to dispose of others.  It is hard to "throw away" things that are good. But that is our choice at this point.  If we were in the US we would take things to Goodwill or AmVets, or some other service. But not here.  Feeling particularly guilty about this the other day, the Lord put on my heart that I should instead be thankful for the many years of good service these items have given us. 

What's next?  
  • Tomorrow is day 2 of moving. 
  • Wednesday we have several friends coming over to help us clean--and the furniture and small things left in this room have to be taken to disposal.  It may involve numerous trips unless we come across a small truck. 
  • Thursday we go to the City Office to notify them of our departure, cancel our health insurance and then go pay our taxes for this year. 
  • Friday and Saturday are our extra days for whatever we haven't completed by then. We close out of the house Saturday.

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