Monday, June 10, 2013

Celebrating our sons' graduation

Last week was a full one as our sons wrapped up their high school careers at the Christian Academy in Japan.

It began with their presentations of their Culminating projects on Tuesday afternoon.

They were noticeably relieved once this was over. Essentially they were finished with high school when they completed the presentation.

On Wednesday evening there was a banquet for the graduates sponsored by the parents.

For kids at an international school, this is probably the last time that most of them will be in the same country together. It was fun to see the guys hanging out with their friends.

Their friends come from around the globe.  Our boys are the third one from either side.  
It was also fun to see them all dressed up.

On Friday evening, we gathered at the school for their graduation.  He looks pretty happy--we were too.

I'm not sure we expected there to be so much relief after the completion of their coursework--but these guys were genuinely more relaxed by the time we got to this night.

What made this even more  special was being all together as a family to celebrate this day!  Our daughters came from the UK and California, and our son-in-law (center back) was also here.  We wonder when this will happen again!

The graduation ceremony is held in the gymnasium to accommodate all the guests. They do a good job of making it a pleasant backdrop.

They receive a Bible along with their diploma.

After graduation there was a reception for family and friends. The graduates then piled into a bus and headed out to the beach to wait for the sunrise (which sadly they said was not inviting since it was cold and cloudy...). Back home by late morning on Saturday, they spent much of that day sleeping.

On Sunday they were presented gifts by the leadership of ICCS. 

They are presently planning on taking a "gap-year."  They will return to the States with us in mid-July, and will each attend separate MK Reentry Programs for 10 days.  What happens after we fly to Charlotte is still unknown. They are interested in working, and have also talked about taking a course or two at a community college.  This is a big cultural shift for them coming up, and it will take a while for them to get their bearings and find friends.  There are also other "right of passage" events they haven't yet experienced, such as getting their driver's licenses.  If you are a praying person, please keep them in your prayers over these next weeks and months of transition.

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