Monday, September 06, 2010

What's that? Up there in the air?

We took Sunday off from the moving process to celebrate the Lord's Day with our church family. We also celebrated Stan's birthday.

Today we were back at it before 9 a.m. First the cable company came and did all the set-up for our cable/internet/phone at the house. I had been told it would take three hours--but within an hour they had completed it all. I haven't found the wireless router, and am second guessing whether it was ours or one that came with our internet service last time. We'll stop by the local "PC Depot" to look for a new one if we don't discover the one I'm imagining. Meanwhile, we can use internet via LAN line.

By 10:30 a.m. we were concerned that we hadn't heard from the moving company about the crane that was supposed to be coming, so we had a call made to the moving company. At 11:15 we got the call that they would be there between 12 and 1, so Stan and I drove over to a convenience store to pick up lunch, and a thank you gift for our neighbor whose driveway would be used by the crane. We just barely finished our sandwiches around 11:45 when I noticed the crane outside already.

I am on our third floor balcony looking down at our neighbor's two-car driveway where the crane (from a piano moving company) is parked.

First up--our refrigerator. Its just been launched.

Remember, I'm on the third floor balcony, and am looking straight at the frig. And it keeps on going up!

At this point, it must have been about 4 to 5 stories high--I'm not totally sure why such a tall trajectory, though there are lots of wires that they had to avoid, so maybe that's why it was up there. About this time I was thinking, maybe I shouldn't be standing under it...

The frig was swung over our roof and down between our house and the one behind us. Lowering it slowly, so the mover on the second floor balcony could direct it over this wire.

The movers took advantage of the angle to bring it directly into the room through the sliding glass door.

Next came the top of the china cabinet. Notice the mover, on the railing of our 2nd floor balcony, in his stocking feet (shoes were left at the entry way on the first floor), without a spotter. He's talking to the crane operator by cell phone, giving directions since the crane operator can't see from where he's at!

Finally comes the love seat.

So we have all our furniture in the house now. We've got the frig plugged in and had ice made by the time we left. I got the cover on the love seat and set it up. The china cabinet sits empty because its going to take some concentrated time to optimally use the space.

Some places are starting to look like they're livable.

We are targeting Wednesday evening to be sleeping in the house.

My next challenge is to figure out where to put the everyday dishes. The upper cabinets in the kitchen are all above my reach without a ladder. The lower cabinets are actually major pull-out drawers, and I'm trying to figure out if there are ways to use them efficiently for the everyday dishes...or do we need to get a smaller shelving unit for those (and if so, where do we put it?).

We thanked our neighbor with the gift before we departed tonight. The wife is very pleasant. The husband is more distant. We hope we're off to a good start with that relationship. Thank you for your prayers!


Ed said...

All I can say is, Holy Moley! Stan told me about the impending crane moving the furniture scenario, but seeing is believing -- and I'm scared just looking at the pix!

Stock up on your joint supplements -- you're gonna need plenty to dash up and down all those stairs. No doubt you will all be in great shape the next time you travel to the US of A.

Pauline said...

I enjoyed the pictures and the account of the crane move. Professional help is a blessing. I saw someone pulling up a desk on ropes to the second floor of a building once that was not successful. Just as the desk got to the second floor, the rope slipped, and the desk fell to the street and shattered.

I'm enjoying reading about the progress on the house. I hope you can stay there for a few years to enjoy it after all of this work!

Joyce said...

Wow! That's quite an adventure! Thank God for experts.

Joyce said...

Wow! What an adventure!