Sunday, December 23, 2007

On Finding B ...

For the entire month of September, 2006, B joined about 600 other background actors and actresses to populate the "Banks Casino" in the filming of Oceans Thirteen. Her daily stories about what happened on the set, interacting with various actors, making friends with one of the blackjack dealers and some of the "AD's" (assistant directors) were fascinating. One of the still photographers on the set even took a few photos of her one day, and slipped them to her the next day.

When the movie came out in August here in Japan, we eagerly went to look for B. If you've seen the movie, you'll realize that it is very visually "busy". Add to that the fact we've come to accept, that background actors are never in focus, because they (obviously) are not the focus of the shot. But we all saw her as she ran up the stairs in the scene that showed the evacuation of the Casino.

B is back for Christmas, and brought with her the newly released Oceans Thirteen DVD. Last night we watched it with her, and she pointed out a few more scenes where she can be spotted.

For those of you who have asked...

at (1hr-11min-08sec) she is on the left as the stars move from the cars into the casino--she is near the door in a burgundy v-neck dress.

at (1-13-55) she is in a group of three standing right behind Clooney and the Asians as they walk into the Grand Opening--you'll see her in this gold dress.

at (1-21-26) she has her back to the camera at the blackjack table right behind the main characters working on the shuffle machine.

from (1-22-14) to (1-23-22 ) we begin with her elbow on the left screen as the FBI arrests one of the conspirators--her face can be seen at the very end of that segment.

beginning at (1-42-44) B is running left to right up the stairs evacuating the casino (this is the scene we spotted in the theater).

There is one more spot where she recognized herself in the crowd, but it is a busy scene (tables with the digital numbers of winnings floating through) and I can't find it now.

We hope you have find finding B!


Anonymous said...

OK- We're going to rewatch it sometime and play "Where's Bethany!" using your guides to help us! So glad that you could enjoy the holidays together, but I'm sure it was much much too short.


Peter said...

Awesome! We rented this for tonight and now know where to watch. Can't wait! Thanks for posting the times.

Anonymous said...

Well thank goodness, we can finally find Bethany! We've seen the movie several times and looked for her. Now we have some help! We love you guys. It's always great to receive your newsletter, after which I take time to catch up on your blog.

God bless you,
Laura and Pat

Anonymous said...

We read your letters and pray according to the requests. Have watch O--13 eagerly seeking Bethany. Now will do it with these guides, Congratulations! How proud you may be of your children's accomplishments!