Thursday, November 15, 2007

A and scenes from The Diary of Anne Frank

A peformed in the role of Margo Frank last weekend for the Christian Academy in Japan production of The Diary of Anne Frank.

The Frank Family poses for a photo. All four of these students are seniors. And all of them had to have their hair dyed brown!

As the older sister, Margo is bothered by the dialogue between Anne and her mother, especially as Anne refers to Margo as being "perfect".

Those staying in the Annex enjoy a visit from Miep, the woman who brings them food, library books and news of the outside world.

Hanukkah, 1942, brings great stress to the Frank and Van Daan families.

The above photos are courtesy of G. Yamato at CAJ

This may be the last production for A at CAJ. Under previous schedules this would have been a musical year, but there seems to be a lack of interested or available faculty to direct and produce one--to her GREAT disappointment.

A shared this production with her closest friends at the school--they were either on stage with her or behind the scenes. She will have good memories of this time.

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Laurie Elliot said...

Just for once, I wish I was in Tokyo! I loved the book as a teen - and I'd love to see Anna on stage!!!

But we enjoyed it vicariously. I agree with Mary - that first photo of Anna as Margo is very striking pose. (Please tell Anna, she's gorgeous!)