Friday, October 05, 2007

ICCS celebrates two baptisms

Sunday we had two more baptisms. But first, here's a glimpse at our service.

The worship team this week had a new addition. Sora, who was baptized a few months ago, played his violin. We have enjoyed different people sharing their abilities.

Through out the service, there were a number of times when we had individual participation. A number of people read scripture portions. Others prayed. It was so encouraging to us to hear the community of believers taking part.

A glimpse of the congregation...

And from another angle...

Andrew, who was one of those baptized, gave his testimony. Having grown up in a church setting, it is only recently that he has come to realize that he needs to have God lead him. He and his family will be leaving Japan in two weeks, and since their future is uncertain, he wanted to go ahead and be baptized here.

Josephine's parents are here as missionaries. She has grown up in our church. Stan baptized her and her father prayed a prayer of blessing on her.

As the morning came to an end, Stan posed with Andrew's family. They were heading out on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Stan heads to the US for the next few weeks, so this was his farewell to this family.

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